Connect with God
The heart of Thanksgiving is that we, as individuals, become more like Jesus in every way!

Anyone who is coming to a church is hoping to a find a deeper connection with God. We offer multiple opportunities for everyone at Thanksgiving to discover new aspects of God and his character. We have found that consistency in worship, prayer and Bible study are the best ways to grow our connection with God. However, we also know that sometimes people do not know where to begin or question if they “know enough” to begin. We would love to help you to find the right place to start for you. Please complete the Contact Us form below to begin a conversation about your best next step or view some of the options below.

Cleansing Stream
Cleansing Stream is an 8-week class followed with a retreat.   This is offered twice a year at Thanksgiving.  The best way to understand the Cleansing Stream experience is to listen to the stories of people who have attended.  
Life Groups

Life Groups offer a consistent way to grow in worship, prayer and Bible study all in the context of Community.

Silent Retreat

Time alone with God is an important aspect of our spiritual development.  This guided retreat helps people connect with God anew.  Click HERE for the next Silent Retreat.

Adult Education

We offer classes on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

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