Children’s Ministry
We believe that children as young as infants can experience the goodness of God
To begin to understand our philosophy of Children’s Ministry, please watch the short video provided below and then you can learn more details of what is offered.
Infant to Pre-K
We want you to feel comfortable bringing your youngest children to church. If you choose to use our nursery, which is staffed by paid nursery attendants and quality volunteers, you can be confident that your child will be safe, will be treated as if they are our own and will be in a clean environment during all of our services.


As you approach the church, you will see a large sign on the outside of the right side of church that says, “Nursery”. This will be your best entrance point for the nursery.


The first time that you visit, we will assist you to input some information into our database. Once input, we will print off one label for you and one for your child. This label will be required to be shown to a nursery assistant when you come to pick up your child. In addition there is one entrance that is used for check in and check out to ensure an orderly and secure process.


Our nursery staff is trained in infant CPR, fire exit safety for infants and toddlers and general safe practices for working with babies and toddlers.

Knowing your Child

We encourage parents to work with us to help your child adjust to attending our nursery. We encourage comfort objects and lots of hugs and holding as needed. Our desire is to help both child and parent to grow in their comfort of using the nursery. In the event that a child needs a hug from mom or dad, we provide you with a pager. Separation can be difficult at this age and we love to work with parents on a long-term plan to help your child become excited to come to the nursery.

Appropriate Age for Nursery

Around the age of three, parents begin to wonder if their child should begin to attend our Pre-K Sunday School. Because every child is different, we work with parents individually to determine when the right time would be for a 3 or 4 year old to leave the nursery and move to Sunday School.

Katie Wallman, Nursery Director

Katie Wallman is our Nursery Director.  Her goal is to ensure that parents are comfortable and confident when their child is in the nursery.  While the kids are playing and singing and dancing, she desires for parent to engage in worry-free worship.  Please feel free to ask her any questions any time you visit.

Pre-K through 4th Grade
Our Children’s Ministry Team is always excited to see new faces. We have Pre-K through 6th Grade programs available on Sunday mornings during 9:30am church service and on Wednesday nights (also called Orange Impact) from 6:00-7:30pm. Due to renovations in our Children’s Ministry area, Children’s Ministry is on hiatus until September 5th.


All Children’s Ministry activities are located in the Lower Level of the church. As you enter the main church doors, look to the left of the Welcome Center and you will see a large sign that says “Children’s Ministry”. From there, proceed to the lower level where someone will assist you with next steps. You can also ask a greeter to help you to find the Children’s Ministry area. If you need an elevator, please stop by the Welcome Center and someone will help you to find it.


While no one wants to think about bad things happening at a church, we feel that being prepared is the best defense. Therefore, we have several safety measures in place for different scenarios. Some of our safety policies include only having one entrance point to the Children’s Ministry Area—all other areas are locked but can be accessed for exit in case of a fire; all classrooms have phones; volunteers are trained on basic safety measures.

Check-In and Check-Out

When you arrive, you will check your child into the large group area which a Children’s Ministry Team member will help you to find your child’s age group. This is where you will get your child’s nametag and label for check out. Check-out will be located in your child’s classroom. The person who helped you to check in will walk you to the classroom so you can know where to go. In addition, there are signs which indicate the grade level for each room.

On Saturday nights, you will check your child in as you enter the worship area.  The children stay in church with you through the children’s message.  The Kidz Church leader will then gather the children and they will go go the lower level together for games and crafts.  You will pick up your child in the Lower Level of the church.  You will see the large Children’s Ministry sign near the stairs.  Follow this stairway to the lower level.

5th & 6th Grade
We have a specific ministry for 5th and 6th Graders called Club 56. They meet at the same time and same location as the Pre-K to 4th Grade but the atmosphere in their classroom is more age appropriate, involves more interaction with one another and community service. In addition, this age group has a fall and spring retreat and fun activities outside of the normal meeting times. You will receive information about these events when you visit.
Faith Milestones
Our primary desire is to equip parents to be the main spiritual influence in their child’s life. For this reason, we have Faith Milestone classes for kindergarten through 6th grade. These are 1 or 2-session classes that are age-appropriate and attended by child and parent together with activities to do together outside of class. Each year, children are invited to take a different class with their parents to learn more about God. You will receive information about classes available for your child after your first visit.
Denise Czapla, Family and Children’s Ministry Director

Denise is our Interim Family and Children’s Ministry Director. She loves to help kids discover that God wants to have a relationship with them. You will meet her Sunday mornings.

Kristi Waszak, Family Ministry Director

Kristi is the Family Ministry Director.  She is passionate about equipping parents to teach their children about God.

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